Our process

  • 01

    Check if there are benefits

    Senior Mortgage Banker discusses all of the options with Client and determines that a true benefit exists in a refinance.

  • 02

    Gathering documentation

    Client gathers financial documentation and submits to Senior Mortgage Banker for the pre-qualification and loan approval.

  • 03

    Likelihood of qualification

    Senior Mortgage Banker gathers all of the financial documentation and does a preliminary analysis to determine likelihood of qualification.

  • 04


    Once Pre-Qualification has been established, the documentation is submitted to the most beneficial lender for the client.

  • 05

    Client's file is received

    Client’s file is received by lender and Underwritten through Fannie Mae’s Electronic Underwriting System.

  • 06

    Interest rate

    Based on market trends, the interest rate is either floated or locked at client’s request.

  • 07


    Escrow is opened and Title is ordered.

  • 08

    Schedule with the client

    Appraisal is ordered and the lender schedules with the client.

  • 09

    Loan approval

    Client’s file receives a loan approval with outstanding conditions.

  • 10


    Client’s file is put in line for processing and is delivered to a Senior Processor.

  • 11

    Loan is put in line

    Once outstanding conditions are met, Client’s loan is put in line for loan documents.

  • 12

    Signing the documents

    Client signs loan documents with a notary and loan moves to funding stage.

  • 13

    Clear to close

    Once funding conditions are met and there’s a ‘clear to close’, the Client’s 3-day right of rescission begins.

  • 14

    Title is recorded

    Once 3-day right of rescission expires, loan funds and title is recorded.

  • 15


    Client receives loan package from escrow and funds if the loan was cash-out.

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